The AJCF provides awareness, education and financial support to ensure that those who seek integrative medicine treatments will have access. We assist our grant recipients in:

  • offsetting the cost of integrative treatment at the Simm/Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology

  • Identifying healthier lifestyle choices

  • Learning about alternative therapies

The foundation also seeks to educate the general public about early detection symptoms, trends in cancer treatment and research. The mainstay of this effort are the PSAs (Public Service Announcements) and documentary films on cancer awareness we produce for broadcast television, cable and online outlets. The first of these can be viewed on our PSA’s / Videos page.

My Daily Journal

I found in my journey with my mother’s fight against lung cancer the necessity to keep a pen and paper with me for all her doctor’s appointments. I also created a schedule of all her appointments in Outlook Calendar and printed copies for everyone in the family. I also created a Medication Chart in Excel which is included FREE in the download below. At each and every doctor’s appointment they asked what meds you’re currently taking. It can be a little overwhelming. This tool will aid you in stay on top of your current meds and records.

If you have a lot of supporters/family/friends/caregivers who often make inquiries about your health and treatments; this will help you keep them in the loop without having to remember such rigorous schedule. It works and I highly recommend it. Try to keep everything organized in a 3-Ring 2″ Notebook for quick reference.

*Please read After the Diagnosis for more information on preparing yourself for the journey ahead.


We can’t do it without your support in continuing to helping African American and Latina women of in South fighting cancer. Again, we hope you’ll consider the AJCF when making your next contributions.


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What is Lung Cancer?

Many struggle with the definition of lung cancer. There are two types of lung cancer (small cell and non-small cell). The link below discusses non-small cell lung cancer. This is the most typical diagnoses.

Download the Guide

What to Ask Your Doctor

The diagnosis of a lung cancer can be devastating, overwhelming and confusing. We’ve provided a few key questions that you should ask your doctor after you’ve been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Download the Guide

After the Diagnosis

After the Diagnosis, is a tool created by the AJCF to assist cancer patients, family members or caregivers in moving forward once you or someone you love has been diagnoses with lung cancer.

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