On May 12, 2006, my lovely mother, Alma J. Cameron, whom the foundation is named, was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Since her transition in 2009 I have felt compelled to spread the word about the symptoms of lung cancer, the risk factors for women 45 and older and the benefits of integrative cancer treatments.

Mom was fondly known as Jean. A mother to many, Jean touched numerous people’s lives through Open Arms, a board-and-care facility for Veterans in Los Angeles that she co-founded with my sister Verlene Cameron; a real estate owner who pride herself on providing affordable housing; as well as through her continuous work within the Los Angeles community for more than 40 years and many anonymous acts of philanthropy. Little known to many, Jean, a woman of God, was a talented landscape artist and avid collector of fine art. Her demeanor was one of meek humbleness, while radiating sophistication, love and serenity.

The Alma J. Art Gallery

Alma J Cameron was an accomplished painter. A dear passion became a form of therapy throughout various stages of her life. We are pleased to be able to share a selection of her work here.

Prints of these paintings are available for purchase and all proceeds help to support the AJCF.


I began the Alma J. Cameron Foundation for Cancer Awareness to help educate women of color about the symptoms of lung cancer, so that no one will have to experience the pain of loss that I felt due to my ignorance about the disease. If I had known the symptoms of the disease and that non-smoking women of color were at risk, maybe the outcome would have been different. The symptoms were there and very clear; we just didn’t know!

Therefore, the foundation is committed to making the public aware of the symptoms of lung cancer, the importance of knowing your body & optimizing health alternatives; and bridging the gap between conventional and integrative cancer treatments. By combining these methods, the AJCF believes it will be able to impact the quality of cancer patients lives, by enhancing the physical, psychological and spiritual well-being of people touched by cancer.

Our demographics include:

  • Women of color (African American, Hispanic and other minority groups)
  • Women ages 45 and older
  • Residents of the South Los Angeles area.

“Bridging the gap between traditional and integrative cancer treatment, one person at a time.”

The Alma J. Cameron Foundation for Cancer Awareness


The mission of the Alma J. Cameron Foundation for Cancer Awareness is to bring awareness to the early warning signs of Lung Cancer to underserved African American and Latina women in South Los Angeles through public service announcements (PSA) and to provide monetary support to women of color with all forms of cancer who are seeking integrative treatments to enhance their physical, psychological and spiritual well-being before, during and after conventional cancer treatments.


We value access and affordability in health care for everyone regardless of the persons ethnicity and socioeconomic position.


We can’t do it without your support in continuing to helping African American and Latina women of in South fighting cancer. Again, we hope you’ll consider the AJCF when making your next contributions.