Three weeks ago my aunt, my mom’s last surviving sister of thirteen siblings was diagnosed with Stage I Lung Cancer.  It will be 2 yrs since my mom died from the same disease but, she was diagnosed at Stage IV.  It was a fearsome fight. I know that God will never give me more than I can handle, but Lord can we renegotiate my load?It seems that every day I get a call with new diagnoses of lung cancer from strangers, friends and family alike.  Breast cancer is a very serious disease, but lung cancer is the most fatal of all cancers. 

Do you know an African-American woman who doesn't smoke over the age of 60? This NPR blog article and our Know the Symptoms list could help save lives. And for the smokers, as well as non smoker, read about how CT scans are improving detection and survival rates on the New York Times website.

Although my aunt is over 60, according to the category of at risk women, younger women are increasingly being diagnosed with lung cancer.  African-American women (non-smoking and smokers) are being diagnosed more rapidly than any other ethnic group.  So, not only do we have to look out for hypertension, diabetes and breast cancer, now lung cancer. 

Let’s understand our enemy and win the war on lung cancer!  The Alma J. Cameron Foundation is bridging the gap between traditional and integrative cancer treatment, one person at a time. Please donate  


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