It is my pleasure to introduce Cristal Rivera-Mitchel, the Alma J. Cameron Foundation's first grant recipient. What had an amazingly blessed 2.5 hour lunch yesterday. Cristal has currently received 4 months of supplemental supply of (AvẻULTRA) from the Simms/Mann UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology, courtesy of the AJCF grant.  We entered into a 6 month commitment to sponsor the cost of Cristal’s supplemental supplies with a $10 co-pay.


AvẻULTRA is a dietary supplement. Its results have been said to be so dramatic according to over 100 studies and 20 medical journal reviews, that it’s hard to believe AvẻULTRA is a natural substance.

Back to our visit, it's such a small world because, as it turns out Cristal and I worked together about 15 yrs ago in NYC on a project. Talk about small world and Gods hand! WOW…

Cristal has an amazing spirit and a delight to talk too.  She's not only couragious but  innovative. She has had to reinvented herself from TV producer to personal fitness trainer (Anyone looking for a personal trainer in the LA area contact me and I will put you in touch with Cristal). 

Well, our conversation began at the door lik of the restaurant and didn't end until we were in our cars.  We have so much fun talking, so much in common and also shared a few friends in common.

It was the best day of this New Year for me, thus far. Isn't it ironic how we both wore white!

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