The mission of the Alma J. Cameron Foundation for Cancer Awareness is to bring awareness to the early warning signs of Lung Cancer to underserved African American and Latina women in South Los Angeles through PSA’s (public service announcements) and to provide monetary support to women of color with all forms of cancer who are seeking integrative treatments to enhance their physical, psychological and spiritual well-being before, during and after conventional cancer treatments. The AJCF values access and affordability in health care for everyone regardless of the person’s race and socioeconomic position.

Please donate to our One-2-One Campaign by supporting one patient for one year of free services at the Simms/Mann-UCLA Center for a $1,000 contribution. This can be done in incremental payments or a one- time contribution.

$1K (one thousand dollars) integrative medicine for one year includes the following services:

• Psychological support
• Counseling
• Spiritual care
• Nutrition, Supplements & Complementary Care

We can’t do it without your support in continuing to helping African American and Latina women of in South fighting cancer. Again, we hope you’ll consider the AJCF when making your next contributions. Thank you.

From our hearts to yours,
Regina Cameron

“Bridge the gap between conventional and integrative cancer treatments, one person at a time.”

Thank you for your generosity and continued donation on behalf of the AJCF Staff. We welcome all levels of support – whether it's a small one-time gift or a monthly donation.  Endowments and Bequests. The Alma J. Cameron Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization


Please mail all checks and money orders to:

Alma J. Cameron Foundation

1976 S. La Cienega Blvd., Ste #400

Los Angeles, CA 90034